Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pasadena Artwalk

Pasadena City Hall

Some free band

If I had a tripod this picture would be better


Inside the Norton

Trying out something new

I really like this frame. I wonder if they cut the picture to fit in the frame, or if the picture was already like that. Or if both were originals. I should have read that caption on the bottom right corner but I was standing too far away and didn't feel like going closer.

Random couple. We liked her tights.

Pasadena Artwalk
City Hall and Norton Simon Museum
March 2009

I want to be better at low-light photography. I also wish I had more to walk around and take pictures. We only made it to one stop on the Artwalk too! Well, there's always next time. I definitely will be back. Thanks for being my date, Jen!