Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kimchi, gim, and bap

RSS (really simple snack)
Kimchi, gim (seaweed), and bap (rice)
May 2008

The simplest meal ever!
1. Heat up some leftover rice (or make a fresh batch, but this is a good way to use up old rice)
2. Cut up some dried seaweed that is salted (tastes better even though it's probably bad for you)
3. Add some kimchi (I buy mine in half gallon jars from the Ktown Galleria)
4. Layer, roll, and eat!
oh, and...
5. Brush teeth.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Susan and Alfred got hitched!

Getting Ready


Mission 261

Susan & Alfred
May 2008
All photos taken by me and Jer
Tell me which one you like the most!

To see more, go here:
Will hopefully be adding other albums too, so check back.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sneak peek

Melissa Sweet
April 2008

Here is a sneak peek of me in my MOH dress!
I still haven't 100% decided how to do my's at that awkward stage...too long to look stylish w/o actually styling, and too short to put in a bun! I guess I'll have the hair person figure something out, it's her job after all!


San Francisco
April 2008

I did nothing to the D300 settings, and I didn't do any post processing. It took these pictures according to the lighting in the room. Cool huh! =)

Freak of Nature, part 2

Twin egg yolks (could have been twin chickens!!)
Trader Joes egg carton
April 2008

Jer wasn't that impressed. Then I said, in all the thousands of eggs you cracked while making Sausage Egg McMuffins in high school, did you EVER find two yolks in one egg? Yeah, I didn't think so! :P

Flower Fields

Giant tecolote ranunculus
Flower Fields, Carlsbad
April 2008

It was a super hot day.


We thinks this is a hummingbird?
Balboa Park
April 2008
Guest photoist: Jer

It was fluttering around pretty fast, but he knew how to stop action it. It's handy having a technically minded boyfriend.

edit *does anyone know what this is? it had a fat body but flew super fast, while in place, like a hummingbird. but do hummingbirds have antennae as Susan pointed out??*

edit* Ahh, Ben solved the mystery. *