Sunday, November 2, 2008

WIP- Images from the new lens

Okay Ben, I realized this lens does more than produce cool bokeh. :)

It had just come in the mail that afternoon so we walked outside and took some random pics.

Bar lighting usually sucks. No that's not Asian glow! We were sitting under some red light.

I'm so surprised that these flowers came out really clear. I think b/c the guy was standing under a white light.

That lady is Sarah Jones, a Tony award winner. She did this amazing show for us. This pic was taken w/o flash and again I can't believe how clear it came out. Hand-held too! I <3 the new lens!

This is a crappy pic but I wanted to show how amazing this lens is in low light. It was pitch black in La Jolla and my friend insisted that she saw seals. None of us could really see anything, but we could make out some movements though. I decided to take a picture (w/o flash of course) to see if there were really seals. And yep there are! My friend has GOOD eyesight, haha. Mine are so lousy, I want Lasik someday!

I wasn't really happy with the quality of this photo b/c the lighting is ugly. But omg what a cute cupcake!!!
With the exception of the first two pics, the rest were all taken in SD. None of these pics are the quality that I'd like them to be, nor did I compose the pics all that correctly, but I decided to post them b/c I'm still learning how to use the lens. So, works in progress. :)