Sunday, November 1, 2009

View from a Pedal Boat part 2

I've never taken this many turtles pics ever.

I really like this shot

The bird is extra blue b/c I forgot to reset my white balance. Anyways, I pointed the camera up to take this shot. Next thing I know...

It laid a juicy one right smack in the middle of us!! Thank goodness not on the lens. Or us.

Stow Lake
Golden Gate Park
September 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

View from a Pedal Boat part 1

Stow Lake
Golden Gate Park
September 2009

Got great views while in a pedal boat. The 70-200 helps as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DC Day 2

At the National Archives

Don't remember where this was taken but there's random fountains/memorials everywhere.

Best crabcake sandwich ever at Matchbox

@ Matchbox

Air and Space Museum. A tad disappointing.

Granville Moores

Tried moule frites since Bobby Flay did a Throwdown there. It was pretty good. Expensive for what it was so now we do our own version at home whenever mussels are on sale.

Washington DC, Day 2
May 2009

Man I'm still thinking about that crab cake sandwich.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Before and After, or We Need a Macro Lens



Hmm a bit over exposed

The 70-200 was good for this shot, the bkgd is totally blow out!

His parents' pear tree

I love the light bouncing off to the side!

Need to improve on the placement of the ring for this kind of shot, but the color of this flower was so intense that I had to use it.

love this too, but too bad its white on white. ooh can't wait to try this shot on a purple orchid!

Any suggestions for places to do a ring photoshoot? Flowers are easy, I should be more creative and think outside the box.

All pictures by Jer
Taken at Liberty Diamonds in Irvine, Venice Canals in Venice, and his parents' backyard in Union City
July 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lance and Maggie's Wedding

At Cal Tech (for alumni only)

The happy couple!

My second favorite photo

I took this with one hand, with the 17-55!! Surprised that the pic stayed somewhat sharp

My favorite of the night- love the mini bokeh

Lance and Maggie's Wedding
Cal Tech
June 2009