Saturday, June 7, 2008

AVP Hermosa

John Mayer

Sean Rosenthal/Jake Gibb vs Mark Williams/Stein Metzger

Kevin Wong/Matt Olsen vs John Mayer/Jeff Nygaard

Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP)
Hermosa Beach
June 2008
Guest photoist: Jer

My very first time watching pro volleyball live. So much better than watching on TV. It's very fun and exciting! Man, those guys are TALL and BUFF! Didn't check out any of the women's games though since it got too hot.
Things I learned:
One of the players, Sean Rosenthal has his entourage "Rosie's Raiders" cheering for him, we were guessing that they were fueled by beer. :P
Jake Gibb's nickname is the Big Nasty.
I liked Kevin Wong b/c he's a Bruin. =)
Jeff Nygaard has to play with a shirt on b/c he got skin cancer last year.
The first shot is my favorite. What's yours?

*edit* This is Jer's bff Rosie:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

PHSA Banquet

Me and my roomie Kimmy

Public health ppl can party too!

Kimmy, Nicole, Rachel, Hanh

PHSA Banquet
Bradley Int'l
May 2008
Guest photoists: Jer, Hanh

Fun night! Note to self...bring hair tie next time I go dancing. I forgot how hot it gets on the dance floor. =)