Thursday, April 3, 2008

Washington DC

Somewhere over Virginia?
Virgin America
Seat 16F
April 2008

Been in DC for work, managed to sneak away to do what else? Take pictures!

So many cherry blossoms! I specifically woke my ass up at 7am (while my body was still thinking it was 4am pacific) to see these famous trees.

Here are the blossoms close up.

Duck sleeping at the Reflecting Pool

Washington Monument and the NON Reflecting Pool (the Lincoln Memorial is behind me, I was on the steps to get this shot. Darn pool dude ruined my clean shot)

Arlington Memorial Bridge in the distance

Metro Station stop
And my favorites...

I manually focused this one...I wanted the background to be super blurry.

Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Bason

I can't wait to come back here with Jer, the tripod and the remote, haha. And perhaps our zoom lens?? And macro lens?