Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Vote for your favorite!

Butterfly fly by floor

Butterfly fly by car

Butterfly fly by garage

Butterfly front side

Butterfly close up

All pictures were taken outside my house right after I washed Hyobin's car. It seemed like the butterfly was playing with us! Anyhoo, it is FREAKING hard to take a picture of a butterfly in flight. Going close up was much easier. Click on the picture for better looks!

So let me know which one you like the best!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Haiku

Twins & me
July 2007
Guest photoist: Twins' mom

I like to smile.
The twins are hilarious.
Look close, cavities!

Make a Wish

Somewhere in SF
June 2007

Temple City
July 2007
Guest photoist: Jasmine L.

I wish that we'll get the apt that we applied for! Wait, are you sposed to say 'em out loud? Oh well, too late! :P


Lounging about
July 2007

Omg can it get any cuter than this? That's what I say everytime I photograph her. Too bad the photo came out blurry, I was in a rush!


Bee in snapdragon
Golden Gate Park
June 2007

I didn't want to get any closer b/c I didn't wanna get stung. :P A wasp stung me in HS and it hurt like hell.

Best Tacos Ever

Carnitas Tacos
Karina's taco truck
El Monte
July 2007

Seriously...the best carnitas tacos ever.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Fun with Straws
Santa Ana
July 2007

I love taking pictures of my cousins, especially when they aren't paying attention. Which picture do you like more? The second one is so comical but I love her eyelashes/hair in the first photo! Don't ask me why the lighting is so different, I've no idea. :P

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Left of Zed

Left of Zed (John Cho's band)
Key Club
Spring 2005
Guest photoist: Regina R.

I like the colors in this photo! The only song I that I really liked from them was when they did a cover of The Cure's "Pictures of You." Nevertheless we kept going to their shows. Hehe remember those days, Jenta?


Latkes! (Fried potato strips pancakes)
Richtree Market Restaurant- Toronto
August 2006

Raw oysters
Richtree Market Restaurant- Toronto
August 2006
Guest photoist: Nancy F.

Even though it's now called Richtree I still call it Marches. Marches is definitely one of my all-time favorite restaurants. There is every type of food for every type of palate- salad bar, sushi bar, sandwich/deli stations, "asian/italian/french/etc sections, juice/smoothie bar, wine racks, dessert stations, etc etc etc etc etc. I'm not kidding! Everyone's cooked in front of you. So you can go with a group of the most pickiest eaters and I swear everyone will leave happy. Oh it's kind of like the Grove Farmer's Marketplace except the interior looks more like Whole Foods, the seating isn't ghetto, and it's completely indoors.

They have an excellent seafood section which is great for me because I am a huge fan of raw oysters! My cousin's MoH and I convinced Nancy to try it but I guess she wasn't really a fan. Yay more for us!

Why can't they open up a Marches in LA?? There was one in Boston that opened in 1998 but it closed in 2004 because it was losing money. They should definitely give it another try in So Cal!


Kahala Mandarin Hotel
July 2005

Hehe when I showed Johnny this picture he said, "There's flowers in the sky?" Then he looked more closely and realized it was just a reflection on the water. Water's such a fun medium to take pictures of!