Sunday, October 5, 2008

Miramar Air Show- Blue Angels

Blue Angels diamond formation

Blue Angels with smoke trail

Blue Angels

Hehe I just like the context of photo even though the quality isn't that great (Blue Angels in the background)

Pyramid formation

Super close together

They all separate

Miramar Air Show- Blue Angels performance
Miramar, SD
October 2008
All pics taken by me and Jer

The clouds were pretty low, so they had to do the super safe show, boo. There's 3 kinds- when the sky is clear they do the fun crazy show with all the loops and such, then there's a medium show when it's kinda cloudy but they can do mid-line stuff, and then there's the low show which we saw. Hopefully next year it will be more clear!

And yes, I still have the Top Gun theme song stuck in my head.