Thursday, October 9, 2008

Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair

My favorite, Jer took this pic and we cropped it. It was some sponge game.

I loved these thingys!

Here's more

Cute puzzle but I wouldn't pay $22 for it

Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair
October 2008

It was nice to walk through so we wouldn't mind coming back. Not a very diverse fair though. I think we were the only 100% Asian couple, everyone else was white, or a Asian girl/white guy combo. The art was kinda boring. Every photography stall had the same pics of the pier. I liked watching the kids play games though, and it's always nice to support local folks (food vendors, etc), even if they're really rich and well off. :P $6 for a tri tip sandwich isn't so shabby either!

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TIMMAYY said...

oh nooo! another ones lost to the white man! =i