Thursday, May 17, 2007


Approx. two years ago my parents gave me a really nifty Olympus 7.1 MP digital camera as my graduation present. Since then I've captured a whole lot of memories it. Despite being really bulky compared to all the super-skinny-girly cameras out there, I've managed to tote it cross-country/ocean to Toronto, New York, Boston, Hawai'i, and cross-town to practically every restaurant, party, graduation, birthday, wedding, hike, etc that I've ever been to. Hell, even my parents have taken it to Seattle, Minnesota, Vancouver, and China- and for the next 3 weeks, Europe. Actually, as of this moment, my camera is flying across the Atlantic Ocean en route to London! How sad, in the last two years it's been more well-traveled than I am...

Despite being in so many public places, I suspect that my camera's mini-cereal-box-sized proportions as well as as my right foot "beach babe" toe sock that it calls home has probably discouraged would-be thieves from nabbing it. (The sock idea I stole from a former apartment-mate!)

All kidding set aside, I can't find any faults with my camera. It's extremely trusty and the quality of the photos taken are fantastic! I still don't know how a camera technically works, so to me, it's just pure magic. :) I don't aspire to do anything fancy with my camera either; in fact I never bothered to learn how any of the special functions work. I should start learning if I want to take my photographic prowess to the next level, but for now I am perfectly happy with just snapping away shot after shot.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I had fun taking them!