Thursday, May 17, 2007


DJ Korean Restaurant, Cerritos
December 2005

What I really like about this photo is that the wall and the table are both so dark that they seem to have blended into each other. Even the cup nearly blends into the background. Were it not for my friend's cream sweater, she might have blended in also. Such a dark setting makes way for the little banchan dishes to "pop out". The colors become richer, but not in a way that overpowers the entire table setting.

I think I speak for my non-Koreans friends when I say that banchan is one of the best parts when eating at Korean restaurants. However, I've been told by my Korean friends that super-Korean people aren't really into these little side dishes. Really?! But it TASTES SO YUMMY. Does that mean if I go to Korea they won't serve me banchan!?

Now, what are possible synonyms for "blend" and "Korean?" I was too lazy to it.