Monday, June 8, 2009

Bringing SGV to the South Bay

Made new batches of wontons from scratch since we can't just drive to Sam Woo for $4.00 wonton soup on a whim

Made green tea with boba since we are too lazy to drive to Gardena (not bad for the first try!- needs more sugar). This boba only took 5 min to cook, impressive!

Decided to try a bunch of different wrappers to see which were the best.

This picture by the way does not correspond to the above since we were so hungry I didn't remember to line it up correctly. In this case, starting at the NW corner, it is the "Quon Yick" brand, NE is "Chuan Wei" or "Wei Chuan" (don't remember), SE is Twin Dragon, and SW is "Hong Kong Wonton". So basically NW and SE got mixed up.

The winner? Hong Kong Wonton was the hardest to wrap (it kept breaking/ripping) but was the tasiest. The easiest to wrap was the Twin Dragon brand. Twin Dragon and the CW or WC brand tied for 2nd/3rd for taste, and we definitely didn't like the Quan Yick brand- too doughy. It was also the yellowest of the bunch. However it was quite easy to wrap, though it seemed to have the most flour when packaged. Looks like Twin Dragon wins for general taste/ease!

This all of a sudden feels like an episode of America's Test Kitchen.

At Home
June 2009

Oh, and the quote of the day comes from Jer: "You can't put food in front of a dog and expect it to just sit there while you take pictures!"